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Sightseeing tour
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Tour of Vyšehrad Fortress

Perched atop a rocky hill along the Vltava riverbank stands Vyšehrad - the oldest district of our capital. According to legend, the founder of Vyšehrad - the future Prague - was Krok, the son of the forefather Čech. Vyšehrad Fortress later became the residence of the first princes of Bohemia. Here also lived Princess Libuše and Přemysl, her husband-farmer from the village of Stadice.

In the early 12th century, the Přemyslid princes settled here. During their reign, the Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul in Vyšehrad was built, a large stone palace in Romanesque style was erected, and a chapter directly subordinate to the Pope of Rome was founded.

MegaTour invites you to a tour in Vyšehrad

Our company invites you to an amazing and unforgettable tour of Vyšehrad Fortress, during which we will visit the famous Vyšehrad casemates. They were founded by Emperor Ferdinand III during the construction of the fortress. The expansion of all fortifications, including the casemates, occurred in the mid-18th century when Prague was captured by the French.

The long and narrow corridors of the casemates can impress the most seasoned imagination. Here you will see niches where weapons and ammunition were stored, as well as more spacious rooms - for soldiers. When in 1744 the Prussian troops left Prague, the Vyšehrad fortress, along with the casemates, was nearly completely destroyed. This was prevented thanks to a few desperately brave citizens who neutralized the incendiary device left by the soldiers. Otherwise, all the powder cellars in the casemates would have exploded.

Legends and attractions of Vyšehrad

It's hard to imagine tours in Prague without visiting this famous fortress. It attracts not only with its rich history - the legends of Vyšehrad alone are breathtaking! From these tales, we learn of Princess Libuše's prophecy, which predicted the foundation of Prague. Libuše's bath, a fragment of a watchtower built in the Gothic style, remains intact to this day.

Here, within the territory of Vyšehrad, other famous landmarks are located:

  • The mausoleum of Slavín, where, alongside famous personalities, 50 unknown people are buried.
  • The Devil's Pillar, located in Karlov Park.
  • Baroque basements and brick gates.
  • As well as sculptural groups of Záboj and Slavoj, Lumír and Song, Ctirad and Šárka, Libuše and Přemysl.

Welcome to Vyšehrad - where legends are born!


  • Guided tour services.


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