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Private excursions

Private Excursions of Prague

No matter if you are going to Prague in winter or summer, you are very likely to meet crowds of people walking down the streets and visiting the most popular attractions as well as places of interest. This will never become a problem in case you are visiting this city for the first time. On the other hand those who have already been there and were charmed by the beauty of this country are eager to get away from the rat race and let their hair down in peaceful suburban atmosphere. This is when our private Prague excursions will make all your dreams come true. There are so many interesting things to see outside the Prague. You should not miss such great opportunity and book your individual short excursion. We have a wide range of sightseeing and attractions that will suit requirements of the most demanding traveler.

If you want to get acquainted with all Czech Republic, visiting only Prague will not be enough. Private Excursions of Prague will provide you with a great chance to see numerous beautiful and authentic villages and small towns which with hospitable people and lots of interesting things to know about. At the same time we offer visiting factory and museum of Škoda Car Company as well as enjoy healing SPA resorts in Kutna Hora.

Short Private Excursions

Spending all time in one place is absolutely useless when it comes to Czech Republic with so many historical places and attractions. Our company [provides you with all necessary facilities and tools which make it very easy for every customer to book the most appropriate excursion. You can follow your own tastes and requirements. This is one of the main benefits of our service. We try our best in order to establish individual approach to every client offering the best conditions and excursions. The variety of individual excursions is rather wide. Feel free to choose any of them and visit such places as:

Private Walking tour of Prague;

Private Sightseeing Tour of  Prague;

Private Kutna Hora;

Private Terezin;

Private Karlstejn;

Private Cesky Krumlov;

Private Pilsen;

Private Karlovy Vary;

Private Dětenice;

Private Dresden;

Private Vienna;

Every place from the list is unique with its own attractions and interesting facts to know. Now you can book an excursion with only a click of a button using special booking system in an appropriate section of the website. At the same time here you can get acquainted with all available tours as well as the latest updates.

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