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Tours of Prague

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Tours of Prague

Tours of Prague

Prague tours have always been rather popular with visitors from all over the world. Thousands of people visit this country every year in order to become a part of its authentic history and culture. This city provides you with the full set of entertaining and cultural programs. No matter if you are looking for interesting excursions or want to immerse yourself in local night life, you will never get bored thanks to our Prague tour that will be the best bet for every traveler. Our website offers a short review of all tours in Prague which are available at the moment. This will help you to decide whether the program meets all our requirements and preferences. 

The Most Exciting Tours of Prague

If you visit the capital of Czech Republic for the first time you should grab your opportunity meet closer with this city. Prague walking tour will certainly come in handy in such situation. Our professional guides will show you the most popular places of interest so you could feel yourself here at home. Excursion includes all major places of interest. However this is going to be only a starting point of your unforgettable travel to Prague. This trip will give you an overall view of the city with all its architecture and style.

We offer wide range of Prague sightseeing tours that will make it possible for you to learn as mush about this city as possible. After sometime you will start feeling as if you have lived here all your life. In other words you will also become a part of its history and culture. We offer to take part in festivals and masquerades wearing medieval traditional costumes. At the same time you can immerse yourself in the most mysterious part of tours to Prague revealing all secrets of this extraordinary city with rich history and customs. Tourists will have a chance to visit famous Prague dungeons and meet local inhabitants that show their face only at night.

Boats tour offers glamorous dinner on a boat that will turn out to be a perfect ending of such intensive day. You will enjoy unforgettable meal watch evening lights of Prague that will make you fall in love with this city. Waves of the Vltava River will make you feel relaxed and pleased with your first day in one of the most beautiful places in the world. It will give your spirit new boost of energy and desire to explore more and more interesting facts about Prague.

The full program includes:

Grand City Tour;

Boat Tour - all inclusive ;

Beer tour with dinner;

Ghost Tour;



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