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Trips outside Prague

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Trips outside Prague

Trips outside Prague    

Needless to say, Prague is adorable city with lots of entertainments and places to visit. However, it does not mean at all the rest of the country does not worth paying attention. There are many small cities and villages outside the Prague which are ready to welcome you and show their piece of their authentic architecture and history. In other words you should never ignore suburbs of the capital of Czech Republic. Trips outside Prague will be the best bet for those who are eager to take the full advantage of their visit.

Trips outside Prague will turn out to be a great chance to escape from the rat race of the big city and let your hair down in a peaceful atmosphere of small towns and villages with their unique style. You will certainly feel here at home.

Terezin will let you relax and enjoy unforgettable healing spas which have already turned into a main tourist’s attraction over the last several decades. Kutná Hora represents the atmosphere of medieval town which is obviously worth visiting in case you have some free time in Prague. Even if your trip is in another direction, you will get a perfect chance to visit Cesky Krumlov. Even a few hours stop in this picturesque place will make a great impression on you.

Those who are addicted to the most popular car brands will certainly grab the opportunity to visit Škoda Car Company. Here you can become a part of producing process as well as visit factory museum revealing all secrets of world’s famous car producer.

Our one day tours and excursions will make it easy for you to discover the world outside Prague. You can book them in advance or make your own short drive to a desired place. This is going to be a great time spending outdoors on fresh air with lots of interesting activities and excursions. Even during summer when Prague is crowded with tourists from all over the world you will be able to feel yourself on your own with culture and traditions of this interesting country with the help of short trips and excursions provided by our company.

The full set of places provided includes:

Kutna Hora;



Cesky Krumlov;

Pilsner Urquell Brewery;



All of them have become a major signing this great country that is recognizable around the world.


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