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Beer (wine) - SPA

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Beer (wine) - SPA

Beer (wine) - SPA
Beer (wine) - SPA reviews, prices, photos excursions - megatour.cz
the Powder Tower, Na Příkopě 28, Prague
Beer (wine) - SPA reviews, prices, photos excursions - megatour.cz

Price on the web:

adults: 60 €

Children (up to 10 years) 56


Duration: 1 hour

Beginning: 11:00 am;


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Meeting place:

the Powder Tower, Na Příkopě 28, Prague

Beer (wine) - SPA
Beer (wine) - SPABeer (wine) - SPABeer (wine) - SPABeer (wine) - SPABeer (wine) - SPA

Beer (Wine) SPA in Prague

If there’s a beverage that put Prague on the map, that must definitely be beer. Lager, unfiltered dark beer, Budvar, Pilsner Urquell and of course Staropramen you can find them all in Prague, and make your choice according to your preferences. Of course, there is a great debate on where was the original medieval beer brewed, Czech Republic or Germany, but why does it matter any anymore when the most important thing is the delicious bitterish taste itself and getting together? Well, Czechs have taken things a bit further and invented a new means to enjoy your tap of beer with friends, a great way to spend your free time in Prague and relax at the same time. Also known as relaxation centers in Prague, the beer (wine) spas are places worth visiting if you’re finding yourself in the Czech Republic. But what is a beer spa? It’s a combination of drinking as much beer as you please while bathing in beer at the same time. Let’s call it a new age therapy, a totally cool invention to go out in the town and have a few pints. However, it’s more to it. In fact, the benefits of bathing in beer have been long known since the Middle Ages. The Beer Spa in Prague invites guests to bathe in only natural beer ingredients used for beer brewing, such as barley, hops and yeast kept at a constant 37 degrees Celsius while bubbling away. It’s sort of a fancy Jacuzzi, but with a taste of… beer, of course! The spa sessions last for 30 minutes while you get to drink as much of the home brewed Beer Bernard as your heart wishes. Afterwards, the spa-goers relax on a heated bed for another 20 minutes while enjoying a well-earned body massage. A full beer spa treatment costs up to 110 Euros and they advise you not to take a bath for the next 12 hours, so that the healing properties of beer really take their course. Since there isn’t any scientific study behind the health properties of beer on your skin, the Beer Spa in Prague definitely is a great relaxation in the center of Prague and something to enjoy in your free time. And if you’re not a big beer fan, you might want to take a look at the wine spas in Prague that offer basically the same spa treatments but this time you bathe in great quality Bohemian wine instead of beer? So why not try the Beer Spa while visiting Prague? It will definitely be a unique once in a lifetime experience!

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