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Museums and Galleries

Prague Museum Night

There is one event that is a must see in Prague. True, there are probably several thousands of things to see in Prague, but this one is a must. Prague is famous for all its museums and galleries, which is what makes this event so iconic. That’s right, I

National Museum

One of the great eye-catching museums and galleries, the National Museum is also one of the highly rated historical sights of the Czech Republic. Situated at the top of the much treasured Wenceslas Square, the museum began in the year 1818 and carried on

Sex Machines Museum

Just the place for those who hope to get a glimpse of peculiarity during their stay in the Czech Republic, the Sex Machines Museum is one of the oddest museums and galleries of the Prague city.

Museum of Alchemists

One of the top things to see in Prague for those who respect the ethics, beliefs and procedures of alchemists, the Museum of Alchemists will be a delight, to say the least.

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