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Museum of Alchemists

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Museum of Alchemists


Museum of Alchemists

One of the top things to see in Prague for those who respect the ethics, beliefs and procedures of alchemists, the Museum of Alchemists will be a delight, to say the least. Mind you, you cannot get in without any tickets! Situated in Prague 1, this museum is one of the top museums and galleries of the city.

As per history, the reign of the Emperor Rudolf II had seen a large use of alchemy. He was definitely not one of the best rulers of the eastern side of Europe. However, his reputation for the dark arts was known to all, scaring some and intriguing others. The Museum of Alchemists, also known as the Museum of Alchemists and Magicians of Old Prague, was the idea and creation of Edward Kelley, one of the famous alchemists of that era. He tried to become a part of the team of alchemists working for Rudolf, but failed miserably. Edward Kelley was a man who is said to have turned metal into gold more than once, like it is not a big deal. It is in his house that the current museum exists, attracting all those who want a taste of strange or weird. The Museum of Alchemy is right within the Lesser Town, an area known for its string of churches, the Petřín lookout tower and much more.  Not far from the museum is the Speculum Alchemiae, an area that refashions an alchemist’s lab and an herbal store.

The Museum of Alchemy is an architecture of mystery, filled with rooms that contain kilns of all sizes and shapes, different instruments and a lab too. Apparently, this lab was built only on the request of the emperor, only to be forgotten by the people of Prague. However, the flood in the year 2002 saw a collapse, which led to the rediscovery of this laboratory.

The Museum of Alchemists and Magicians of Old Prague is just the place where you could witness tons of strange things like skulls, cauldrons and potions. Of course, the sight of these may make you itch to try some alchemy and magic or your own. A large structure, this museum will definitely take the breath out of you by the end of its amazingly creepy tour!

Museum of Alchemists

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