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Little Mole’s mountainous adventure….

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Little Mole’s mountainous adventure….


Little Mole’s mountainous adventure

No childhood memory is complete without that one cartoon character that we all loved, idolized and pretended to be. But there are some cartoon characters that signify something more macro. At many a time, its longevity symbolizes a certain generation that grew up watching it or the origins of the cartoon are synonymous with a nation’s culture. The Little Mole is one such cartoon character.

Many would find it weird, but most Czechs will associate their childhood with the Little Mole. When visiting Prague, most of the tourists do come across Czech Cartoon Moles in the souvenir shops and wonder about it. Originally called “Krtek” by the locals, this Czech Cartoon Mole is a part of a cartoon series that was developed in the mid-nineties. The origins of the Little Mole are much more literal than can be imagined. The creator stumbled upon a mole hill when he went for a walk, and Voila! The cute Little Mole with the big eyes and hands was born. The cartoon has been popular ever since in many central European countries and has even been broadcasted overseas in India, China, Russia and Japan. The series has always been easy to distinguish due to its lack of dialogues, and the only sounds made by the characters are emotional ones. Yes, the creator definitely took the phrase, “Less is more” very seriously.

The Little Mole has appeared in more than 50 animated films and since its inception, forty years ago, has become closely associated with the identity of Czech culture. The Little Mole does not only appear on the silver screen, but also in jigsaw puzzles, toys and books. This Czech cartoon mole also has his own souvenir shop that sells souvenirs of only the Little Mole.

Although Prague is essentially known for its beautiful medieval architectural designs and is richly soaked in political and economic history, the city appeals to people of all ages, and the city now offers amazing tourist programs as well. So take a page out of the mischievous but good natured Little Mole’s adventures and visit Prague.

Little Mole’s mountainous adventure

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