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Bohdanec Spa

 Bohdanec Spa

Of course, there are a variety of things to see in Prague, during your free time. There are ancient historical landmarks, landmarks of history that are not so ancient, and of course, the sleek, modern aspects of Prague. There is also another part of this city that you have to add into your already crowded list of things to see in Prague. This would be the Bohdanec Spa.

The Bohdanec Spa, also known as the spa town, is located eight kilometers northwest of Pardubice. This Czech spa was founded in 1897 and in 1963, the town was renamed as Lázně Bohdaneč, which literally translates to Bohdanec Spa. The Czech architect Josef Gočár redesigned the entire town to live up to its entire and embrace the identity is a unique spa town. Taking advantage of the level ground, there are lots of calm walks, easy biking trails and even horseback riding to lift up your mind. There is a National Nature Reserve within this town; beautifully landscaped and as green as the imagination can take, this place is a popular spot to visit for locals and tourists alike, and is the essence of what makes the spa town so calm and serene.

There are several unique services that are offered in the spa town. There are treatments for long term ailments such as arthritis and rheumatism, as well as treatments for people who are in a preoperative or postoperative condition.

There are also several spa hotels that take advantage of the spa town and offer some drool worthy packages. The smallest package offered by the Royal Spa is a wellness stay of three days, offering some activities that you can only dream of. Some of these include an herbal whirlpool, pink salt lake therapy, Finnish sauna and many more.

If you ever happen to have the opportunity to visit the spa town, do so by all counts! After all, there is no better way to have a vacation than dive into a pink salt lake, step into a Finnish sauna or get a world class massage, is there?

Bohdanec Spa

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