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Barrandov Studio


Barrandov studio

Certainly the most distinguished and sought-out set studio in Prague, Barrandov Studio was founded in 1921. It focuses on various facilities and areas of expertise, having produced or taken part in a total of at least 2500 movies. While some of these films were international, the rest were all local. Both types gained quite a bit of fame, making Barrandov Studio the biggest film studio in Prague, and one of the largest in the country itself.

According to the information provided by those who have entered the studio, there are almost 260,000 props, at least 9000 wigs and other accessories that could be required during the shooting of films. While some may not understand the importance of the preservation of these, others are delighted about finding them. Some of these articles depict prehistoric times, which naturally makes the Barrandov Studio a heaven for people who dig history and how life was during earlier periods.

Movie enthusiasts often visit the Barrandov Studio, especially young filmmakers or filmmakers in the making. It comes as no shock, watching them horde around the area, as this studio has produced tens of international films that have gone on to win several awards. Some of the biggest wins among these awards were probably the Oscars. A few of the famous movies that have won big and were produced by the Barrandov Studio are: “Mission: Impossible”, “A Knight’s Tale”, “The Bourne Identity”, “Tristan and Isolde”, “Babylon A.D.” and much more.

One of the well-known, tycoon families of Prague in the early 1900s, the Havells, were the founders of the Barrandov Studio. Initially, one of the brothers meant for the studio to be a single, most bling-bling residential complex. However, the other Havell brother interceded, putting stress on wanting to include a studio in the engineered plan of the structure.

An interesting thing, the World War II brought in remarkable additions to the Barrandov Studio. Supposedly, the Nazis wanted three interlocking stages to be included into this edifice. Somewhere during 1934-1935, the first ever Czech film was shot in the studio. By the 1970s, this studio had a lot happening for them, albeit on a national level. However, just a decade later, foreigner movie-makers started approaching the Barrandov Studio, helping it rise to the heights at which it is today.

Barrandov studio

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