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Club Duplex

For all its wonders and beauties, you would expect Prague to be one of those cities that lack the excitement of night life. However, you will be surprised to find yourself very wrong! Prague clubs will be sure to satiate your taste buds for fun and lively parties and you will find yourself enjoying Prague in a way you never thought you could!

Of all the things to see in Prague, there is one more thing to add to your already long list: the Duplex Club. The Duplex Club is a high end club that is the definition of sophistication. Like all other aspects in Prague, you cannot really find anything here that is less than classy. Situated high up on the 6th and 7th floor if a building in Wenceslas Square, it allows a stunning view of the beautiful city from a large terrace, all with the added luxury of excellent service and an amazing place to dine for lunch and dinner. The Duplex Club is designed to represent an enormous glass cube. Splashed with colorful lighting, the Duplex Club is one fascinating place to visit.

Located in New town, Prague 1, the Duplex Club is found in the famous Wenceslas Square, the place that is the heart of Prague. Looking at it from down below, you will find the club looking like a glass cube. Yet, take the elevator to the top and you will find yourself in an air-conditioned area that is well-kept, and as I have mentioned earlier, with great service to offer.

Want something more than fine dining? Not to worry. The Duplex Club transforms into a party palace late into the night. With two platforms, amazing lighting, good sound and four bars to offer, the Duplex Club is known to never disappoint. Don’t want to take my word? Just take a look at what others have to say. Let us not forget to mention that the Duplex Club is awarded membership of The World’s Finest Bars.

You will find that Prague has a lot more to offer along with the amazing historical sights. Quench your thirst by dropping by the Duplex Club and be guaranteed that you have the opportunity to step into one of the best clubs in the world.

Club Duplex

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