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Nightlife in Prague

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Nightlife in Prague


Nightlife in Prague

After months of work, one would naturally wish to travel to some place and relax there. If you happen to visit the Czech, you must pay a visit to the dancing clubs and casinos in Prague. There could not be a better way to experience the night life of Prague!

Whether you are looking for a light drink to help you loosen up or merely searching a good dance group to groove with, the bars and clubs of the city of Prague allow the residents of the city and tourists to live in the moment and make tons of new friends too. For certain, a night full of fun in Prague means a night to remember for the rest of your life.

While some clubs make it a point to take you back in time, back to the 80s or 90s, other clubs allow you to savor the dance performances of erotic dancers. There also exist other clubs, where a ton of youngsters dominate the dance floor, dancing to racy tunes and enjoying the night to the fullest.

Some of the most famous clubs are being mentioned as follows:

  • Roxy - Whether you are into drums, bass, concert or house, all genres are played on the music systems, allowing people from different cliques to party together. The best bit of this club is that Monday entrances do not cost a single dime.
  • U Buldoka - A friendly pub where the food is mouth-watering and the staff soon pick up your favorites, without much direction, the U Buldoka’s strawberry beer is said to be the bomb.
  • Lucerna Music Bar - A bar dedicated to playing the best party numbers from the 1980s and the 1990s, the Lucerna Music Bar boasts a terrific Fernus Citrus drink that has to be enjoyed with ice and tonic water.
  • Vzorkovna - Out of the usual, this bar is located and decorated strangely. However, that does not change the fact that this is one of the top places to be for underground tracks. It is said that the Czech beers found here and great.
  • Yes! - A club for the prim, posh and perfect, Yes! is said to have relatively cheap and tasty drinks, mixed by their talented barmen.

Nightlife in Prague

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