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One of the top things to see in Prague, especially if you are searching for bars and drinks is Výtopna, a wondrous eatery that is located in the New Town of the city of Prague. This place is located in the middle of the Wenceslas Square, a vibrant, packed and an easily accessible area of Prague.

Probably the main form of attraction, there is a miniature train that runs on the tables of the customers present, providing them with drinks. As unbelievable as that sound, it is actually true! The train runs on tracks, moving across the entire length of the table, carrying the specific drinks ordered by the customers. If that is not brilliant thinking and attractive, we do not know what is. Although the effort and time put behind this railway track and the train are a lot, the staff swear that they harbor an unexplainable love for such things. Hence, they explain, they were able to pull off this thing with relative ease and grace. Not so surprisingly, the complexity of this miniature rail track network is high, making it almost impossible for other restaurants or entities to copy their idea. Believe it or not, this teensy train holds the ability to reach a speed of about 20 kilometers/hour. The mastermind/masterminds behind this train were careful and detailed enough to mention tiny features like stones around the rail tracks, tunnels under which the train could travel and much more.

Výtopna  is also known for its finger-licking good cuisine, be it local or international. The restaurant manages to sell quality food that is not over-priced or below the mark, in terms of flavor and taste. Výtopna is on the first floor of a humungous structure, including a play place for children where there is a ton of toys, all suitable for kids of all age ranges. Moreover, there is a separate menu itself, dedicated to all the children that tag along to the restaurant with their parents.

To get to Výtopna, all you need to do is get onto tram number 3,9, 14, 24, 51, 52, 54, 55, 56 or 58 from the Vaclavske namesti station. Otherwise, get onto the line A or B metro from the Mustek station, or the line A or C metro from the Muzeum metro.


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