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Outlet Arena


Outlet Arena

For shopping, we tend to go overboard, searching a zillion places before settling with some place that is convenient to get to, easy to shop from and that provides us with other facilities too. Another one of the things to see in Prague, the Fashion Arena Outlet Center is a much-loved store that allows fashion enthusiasts to shop from several branded stores of Czech. The best bit is that the items that are sold from this center will have at least a 30% discount. Some items could have up to 70% discount. It is no wonder that fashionistas are seen hurrying to the center to grab a pair of shoes, jeggings, and the likes, every now and then. Over the years, a few outlets were instilled within the boundaries of the Czech Republic. However, the Prague Fashion Arena Outlet Center is definitely the largest of them all, always being super-crowded.

This center is almost too good to be true, allowing returns or exchange of products, if there is a problem with them. The center sells tens and thousands of things, including jewelry, lingerie, toys, cosmetics, footwear, luggages, sports equipments and much more.

To reach the Fashion Arena Outlet Center, you could decide to use four forms of transport. If you choose to travel by the bus, you could get onto bus number 183 to stop at Spalovna Malešice or Zamenhofova, from where you could walk to the place. If you are a fan of trams, get onto tram number 10, stop at the Na Homoli station. From there, the Fashion Arena is just 10 minutes away, if you decide to walk. For metro users, you need to get on the green line A metro from the Depo Hostivař station. From there, you could take the Fashion Arena bus that stops directly in front of the Fashion Arena itself. However, this bus leaves just twice an hour, which may prove to be a problem for you if you need to go to the Fashion Arena and come back in a limited amount of time. Also, you could use a car, which could be parked just outside the store, in any of the 1200 available parking spots.

Outlet Arena

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