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Founded in 1892, SK Slavia Prague is a professional football club located in Prague. It has been the second most successful sport club in Czech Republic since 1993. This football club continues to play in the biggest football competition in the country, called the Czech First League. They also play against their biggest football rival, Sparta Prague, in the Prague Derby. The club first began on November 2, 1892, as an attempt by a group of medical students in Vinohrady, Prague to increase the amount of sports activity amongst students. Initially, the main focus was on cycling, which later expanded to include football in 1896.  
A huge stadium was constructed for them with the capacity of 21,000 spectators. It was built in Eden and called the Eden Arena, which opened on May 7, 2008. It was built as a replacement for their old stadium, and was temporarily named after a sponsorship deal, but they changed it back to Eden Arena in 2012. The Eden Arena was the site of the UEFA Super Cup game in 2013. The stadium is located in a residential area, so you will easily find several different food and shopping places around. There are also various hotels nearby, lots of which are quite affordable.
Getting to the Eden Arena is easy, as there are several different ways to get there. It is located around 4 kilometers away from both Hlavní Nádraží, which is the main railway station, and Prague’s historic center. If you would prefer to walk, it takes around 20 minutes from the Prague Vršovice train station. However, it is recommended that you travel by the tram, as that is the easiest method. Tram lines 4, 7, 22 and 24 can all be used to get there, and lines 22 and 24 are especially useful, since they connect to the historic center as well. If you are curious about SK Slavia Prague’s matches, you now have the opportunity to go and watch them in action. You can either choose to buy a ticket online from Ticketportal, or you can get one from the ticket office in the stadium. If you’re a sports enthusiast travelling to Prague, you cannot miss a Slavia game!


SK Slavia Prague - Megatour.cz

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