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Sport: Hockey Club Lev Praha

While certain countries fawn over just football, there are the likes of the Czech Republic who juggle a little with a number of sports. For instance, we bet you were not aware of the hockey teams of this nation. One of the well-known ones, the Hockey Club Lev Praha is a gem, as per the support bestowed upon them by the fans.

Also known as the HC Lev Praha, this team is located in the gorgeous city of Prague. Having been founded in the year 2010, the club was initially known as the HC Lev Hradec Králové, which was based in Bohemia. It seemed that the team really wished to be a part of the Kontinental Hockey League. For reasons unclear, the Czech Ice Hockey Association denied them the permission. However, the club later received a chance, only to disband around 2012. After a change of club owners, the HC Lev Hradec Králové became the HC Lev Praha, shifted to the city of Prague. By the month of April of 2012, a new group of lads had formed a pact, ready to tackle and overtake the Kontinental Hockey League.

The Lev Praha’s current coach is Václav Sýkora, while Jiří Novotný is the team captain. So far, the club seems to be taking their contenders by storm, supposedly winning six out of seven games in their first season, which is definitely a matter of pride for the nation of Czech. The team has jerseys that have the colors red, white and blue. In addition, their nickname happens to be “Lion”, which is not a widely known fact.

According to quite a batch of professionals, watching the HC Lev Praha’s matches is a thrill and the team could easily climb up the ladder of fame in a relatively short span of time. Naturally, this proves that the new formation of the club was much required and a clever decision indeed. Any upcoming games will definitely be worth a watch, with the dates and times being updated on their website. Tourists who are nuts about this sport will discover that the Lev Praha games are a delight by all means.

Sport: Hockey Club Lev Praha

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