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Movies and Music

Antonin Dvorak

Antonin Dvorak is one of the most celebrated composers of Eastern Europe. His contribution in European movies and music is legendary. He was one of the pioneers of Czech classic music. He was influenced by rural Slavic and Moravian traditional dance numbe

Films Shot in Prague

There are many wonderful attractions in Prague that thousands of tourists come to visit every day. The natural scenery of Prague and the ancient architecture is such that it attracts the attention of many producers who have used the sceneries of Prague as

Movie Awards “Czech Lion”

The Cesky Lev or Czech Lion happens to be the highest honour of the Czech film industry. This annual award extravaganza, like any large film industry, hosts a befitting award ceremony for the brilliant film and television personalities of the country. The

Barrandov Studio

Certainly the most distinguished and sought-out set studio in Prague, Barrandov Studio was founded in 1921. It focuses on various facilities and areas of expertise, having produced or taken part in a total of at least 2500 movies.

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