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Adoption of Christianity in the Czech Republic

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Adoption of Christianity in the Czech Republic

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Adoption of Christianity in the Czech Republic

Among the countries of Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic has a unique cultural heritage. Although the earlier rulers of the Czech Republic followed Paganism, they have come a long way since then. Religion in the Czech Republic is mostly dominated by Christianity. Czech Republic, formerly known as Czechoslovakia, adopted Christianity in the mid 9th century. And now, a large portion of the people devotedly follow Catholicism.

During the 8th century, the Moravians ruled the Czech people, but they were a pagan tribe with stone and wooden deities. During that time period, the Byzantine Christianity became increasingly popular in Europe. Two missionaries, named Cyril and Methodius, converted some of the pagans to Christianity. They were later considered to be saints among their people. After a brief hiatus, the Roman Catholic Church tried to impose their influence over the reigning monarchs and the economic system of the republic. They also tried to introduce medieval social hierarchy in the republic’s social structure.

Diocese of Prague and other eastern European countries also tried to introduce Christianity in Czech Republic during the 11th century. Noblemen and rulers of various places patronized them for setting up various parishes, chapels, and churches around the country. The Duke of Bohemia was one of the first few rulers, who welcomed Christianity whole heartedly among his people, although religion to them was merely a social way to control the mass people. These rulers commissioned some of their fortresses for the purpose of administering the religious practices among the general mass.

During 900-1200, Church structures were developed all over Prague. Adalbert, a powerful member of Slav dynasty, became the bishop of Prague around that time. The masses of Moravia and Bohemia were under his jurisdiction. He is also one of the patron Czech saints of Christianity in Czech Republic, and his religious values were rooted in the primitive Christian teachings. He valued family bonding and believed in bettering the lives of people via religion.

Many relics of the early developments of Christianity in Czech Republic can be found all over Prague.

Prague excursions can be really  enjoyable if you get to see the holy places of Kutna Hora, the St. James Church, the Saint Barbaras Church, etc. You can start your tour at the Old Town square, near the Parizska street, and on the way to these places, you will also get to enjoy the sights of the St. Nicholas Church. If you really want to know more about the Czech saints and the religious culture of the Slavs, you must pay a visit to these places as soon as possible.


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