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Rudolfinum is a famous building in Prague, built somewhere within 1876 and 1884. It was supposed to be a multipurpose building at first, as was intended by its architects. In 1919, however, it was converted to the Czechoslovakia Republic’s House of Commons, and was eventually used for its original intended purpose after 1992. It is currently the home of the Rudolfinum Gallery and the Czech Philharmonic, which is an orchestra that was founded in 1896.

If you’re ever part of one of the Prague tours, Rudolfinum will definitely be on the list of places that you will visit, as this is the second most important Neo-Renaissance building right after the National Theatre in Prague. Currently, several different theatres and operas perform in the Rudolfinum, as well as exhibitions. The oldest and the largest concert halls in the Rudolfinum, the Dvořák Hall, is currently among the 2 most important concert halls in the country. It is said that the central piece of the Hall is the organ, and when the hall was used for parliamentary meetings back in 1919, this organ was kept in Brno. The other 2 halls in the building are the Ceremony Hall (Dvorana) and the Suk Hall. The Suk Hall is the hall that was built the last when completing this magnificent structure. It was built around 1940 and 1942, and it was supposedly built to house smaller concerts while the Dvořák Hall was undergoing construction. However, despite its small size, it is no less in comparison, as it meets the grandeur of the rest of the building.

If you want to attend a Prague opera, you can visit the Rudolfinium at any time of the year, as huge concerts and events occur in this building at all times. Not only are the shows inside spectacular, but the architecture of the exterior of the building is just as stunning, and this combination of high class music with the grandeur of the structure has made Rudolfinium one of the most popular places in Prague for classical music.  And so, if you want to watch an opera or an exhibition there, don’t forget to purchase the Prague opera ticket and to dress up according to the dress code.


Rudolfinum - MegaTour.cz

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