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Theatres and Operas

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Theatres and Operas


Rudolfinum is a famous building in Prague, built somewhere within 1876 and 1884. It was supposed to be a multipurpose building at first, as was intended by its architects. In 1919, however, it was converted to the Czechoslovakia Republic’s House of Comm

The National Theatre in Prague

One of the most glorious when it comes down to theatres and operas, the National Theatre needs to be one your list of things to see in Prague, if you plan on dropping by soon. A show-stopper by all means, the interior is guaranteed to have your jaw slacke

Black Theatre

Black theatre consists of performances where black light is enlarged and shed in such a manner, it creates illusions that are sure to leave you stunned and impressed. Actors emerge onto the stage, wearing black, which makes it impossible for the human eye

Prague Municipal House

The Prague Municipal House is, without doubt, an iconic building. It was built on the site of the former Royal Court Palace and opened to the public in 1912.

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