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The National Theatre in Prague

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The National Theatre in Prague


The National Theatre in Prague

One of the most glorious when it comes down to theatres and operas, the National Theatre needs to be one your list of things to see in Prague, if you plan on dropping by soon. A show-stopper by all means, the interior is guaranteed to have your jaw slackening with awe.

A golden arrangement of lights and curtains, the core of this museum is truly gorgeous. Situated in the New Town area of the city of Prague, the National Theatre is a true Neo-Renaissance structure that never seems to age. Even the roof is golden, shining brightly during the sunny months. A symbol of traditions and cultures of the Czech Republic, this theatre is a big deal for most residents of the country.

Initial design work of the National Theatre began somewhere during the 1840s. However, money was required to bring these designs to life, which took about another decade. During 1851, the people of Prague finally managed the file an appeal to start the collection of the necessary money. The grand opening of the National Theatre took place in 1881, to honor and welcome Prince Rudolf of Austria. The premiere performance must have been a sight to see for all the present spectators, as the theatre was a rather large thing for the residents of Prague. After the inauguration, 11 more performances took place before the National Theatre finally shut down to ensure the completion of the architecture of it. Finally, the reconstruction was complete in the next 2 years and the theatre was reopened in 1883, after much anticipation and celebrations. During 2005, the Komerční banka promised to bestow the Komerční banka Award upon the National Prague to congratulate it for all that it had showcased over the years.

To reach the theatre you could take the line B metro from the Narodni Trida station. Otherwise, hop onto tram number 6, 9, 17, 18, 22, 53, 57, 58 or 59 from the Narodni Divaldo station. Showcasing a long inventory of opera, drama and ballet, the National Theatre deserves to be sought out and visited by all the locals and sightseers alike.

The National Theatre in Prague

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