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Hot weather in Prague

July is the time of the year when thousands of people flock to Prague to visit its wonders. Since the weather in Prague is relatively chilly in general, tourists usually opt to visit the city during the warmer months. The temperatures range between 12 degrees Celsius and 23 degrees Celsius, meaning that it can get quite hot in some days. Also, July is one of the rainiest months in Prague.

The summer weather in Prague is great for sightseeing, as it is cold otherwise. However, that is also the time when everyone from around the world visit Prague, meaning that it is crowded and that you have to fight for space no matter where you go. And there is a good reason for everyone to flock to Prague in July, and that is because there are low-priced tour offers, which give the tourists a chance to view the sights of Prague at a lower price than usual. And so, in order to enjoy the tours from Prague or a Prague day trip, be sure to pack close-toed shoes, as they will help you walk on the city’s cobblestone-paved streets after it has rained. Also, don’t forget to pack a raincoat and an umbrella, as those will be your new best friends while out on the streets of Prague.

Additionally, some of the biggest touristic attractions, such as the Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge will have long waiting lines, as the place will be swarming with tourists, so ensure that you pack light clothes, as the heat coupled with the wait might get frustrating. An important thing to remember is to reserve the hotels and the restaurant reservations, especially during the evenings, well ahead in advance. Despite these setbacks, Prague in July is one of the most exciting months, as it is the festival seasons, and some of the hottest festivals in the world take place at that time, as such as the Prague Proms, which begins in June and continues on till July, and the Venetian Nights, which starts in July and extends all the way till August.

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Weather in Prague and Czech Republic

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