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Czech cuisine

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Czech cuisine

Czech Goulash (Recipe)

The Czech cuisine mainly consists of a lot of meat dishes, they are traditionally made with meat from animals like duck, rabbit and lamb. Czech traditions also include dishes like fish, dumplings, rice, vegetables, soups, salads, beer delicacies and desse

Garlic soup: hangover cure

Soups are the starters in a Czech cuisine. Czech cuisine is famous for its soup collection. It is kind of a tradition of their country and there is no meal without it. The common soups served are chicken, beef, vegetable broth with noodles, and garlic. Li

Beef Tartare

Along with exploring the rich Czech culture, tasting the typical Czech cuisine is a must. Czech cuisine is meat based. Although pork is the most common meat, there are traditional dishes made out of other animals, birds, and fish of that region.

Czech dumplings

A finger-licking great part of Czech cuisine are Czech dumplings, which have made a spot in the hearts of countless locals and tourists alike. And it is hardly surprising, since these go so well with just about anything...

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