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Sport: FC Viktoria Plzeň

A sport manic country, the Czech Republic is loaded with many football clubs, with the FC Viktoria Plzeň being one of the professional ones there. Based in the city of Plzeň, the club was founded in the year 1911, which says that it has come a long way.

AC Sparta Prague

AC Sparta Prague is recognized by many, and is probably one of the reasons why football is a well-loved sport in the city of Prague. During the year of 1969, this club won the predecessor of the FIFA World Cup, which is a remarkable win.

Hockey Club Lev Praha

While certain countries fawn over just football, there are the likes of the Czech Republic who juggle a little with a number of sports. We bet you were not aware of the hockey teams of this nation. One of the well-known ones, the Hockey Club Lev Praha.

SK Slavia Prague

Founded in 1892, SK Slavia Prague is a professional football club located in Prague. It has been the second most successful sport club in Czech Republic since 1993.

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