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Famous personalities

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Famous personalities

Helena Vondrackova

Helena Vondrackova has become a renowned name in the long-celebrated history of Czech music and Czech singers. She is one of the most famous personalities of her country, and also a very talented artist.

Franc Kafka

Among the many famous personalities that Czech Republic has gifted us, Franc Kafka-- a German-based writer is particularly worth mentioning because of the way he helped shape literature with his writings.

Tomas Bata

Even the not so fashion conscious are aware of the fact that Bata shoes are the best of its kind and the most cost effective, as it has something for everyone. This billion dollar multinational shoe store began as a fresh new startup by the Czech business

Karel Čapek

Čapek was an early 20th century Czech write. He had been one of the famous personalities in Czech literature. When you are on Prague city trip, visiting Karel Čapek memorial is one of the important thing to do. It is situated in the village of Stará Hu

Bedrich Smetana

Czech Republic is home to many legends of music and movies alike, among which is the internationally acclaimed Czech composer, Bedrich Smetana.

The Lennon Wall in Prague

"If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there'd be peace." It's words like these that make us fall for John Lennon all over again. He became a symbol of peace and hope for the youth; especially the youth of Czechoslovakia...

Jan Santini Aichel - Architectural wonders of Prague

Often what attracts a tourist most in a foreign country is either its natural beauty, or its historical landmarks. In the case of Czechoslovakia, the latter happens to be the reason why...

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