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Things to see in Prague

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Things to see in Prague

Prague Museum Night

There is one event that is a must see in Prague. True, there are probably several thousands of things to see in Prague, but this one is a must. Prague is famous for all its museums and galleries, which is what makes this event so iconic. That’s right, I

Family Breweries

If you’re on a Prague beer tour, the one place that you must have on your list are the family breweries, which are also known as the microbreweries.


Rudolfinum is a famous building in Prague, built somewhere within 1876 and 1884. It was supposed to be a multipurpose building at first, as was intended by its architects. In 1919, however, it was converted to the Czechoslovakia Republic’s House of Comm

Prehistoric restaurant Pravěk

Yet another one of the things to see in Prague, this restaurant provides Czech cuisine, albeit in a prehistoric themed manner. Out of all of the restaurants and food of the Czech Republic, this has got to be one of the top, coming up with such a cool idea

The Chapeau Rouge

A Prague club that has probably seen one of the next most International residents than the Czech Republic airports, the Chapeau Rouge is a night club and a bar that could be found just off the Old Town Square. As it is, this square is known quite well for

The National Theatre in Prague

One of the most glorious when it comes down to theatres and operas, the National Theatre needs to be one your list of things to see in Prague, if you plan on dropping by soon. A show-stopper by all means, the interior is guaranteed to have your jaw slacke

Historical Center “Botanicus”

One of the things to see in Prague, this smoke-free and pet-free center could be recognized by all the Czech Republic residents. Situated in the Ostrá municipality, the Botanicus Historical Center could be visited during your free time, alone or with the

National Museum

One of the great eye-catching museums and galleries, the National Museum is also one of the highly rated historical sights of the Czech Republic. Situated at the top of the much treasured Wenceslas Square, the museum began in the year 1818 and carried on

Club Duplex

For all its wonders and beauties, you would expect Prague to be one of those cities that lack the excitement of night life. However, you will be surprised to find yourself very wrong! Prague clubs will be sure to satiate your taste buds for fun and lively

Tlusta Koala

Out of the countless things to see in Prague, the Tlusta Koala is one of the commendable spots that fall under the bars and drinks department. Throughout the entire week, except Sunday, this place is open from 12 p.m. to 2 a.m., allowing people to drop by

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