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Architecture and Monuments

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Architecture and Monuments

Žižkov Television Tower

Who would not want to get an absolute eyeful of the amazing city of Prague? With all its historical icons, beautiful architecture, and breathtaking views, Prague is always on the bucket list of most travelers. Now, whether you are a photographer or a pass

Upside-down Horse

Coming to Prague, there is, no doubt, simply too many places to visit. The amazing architecture, the wondrously rich history, the romantic feel in the air... But here is something you should not miss: the Upside-down horse of Prague

Sigmund Freud

On being sighted for the first time, especially by people who are not well acquainted with the area, the likes of police and firefighters are often mistakenly called into the scene to rescue the hanging man.

Powder Tower

One of the historical sights located in the city of Prague, the Powder Tower seems to be open on all seven days of the week, for at least 8-10 hours. A unique and detailed structure, this tower is a Prague attraction that goes back to the 11th century.

King Charles IV

A fabulous Prague attraction, the King Charles IV statue situated in Prague is one of the most visit-worthy historical sights of the city. Modelled by the designer, Arnost Hähnel, the figurine and its pedestal are both about four meters tall.

Jan Žižka Statue

One of the beAnchorst spots around the city of Prague for panoramas, the Jan Žižka Statue begs to be noticed by all locals and tourists. Depicting the mighty Jan Žižka z Trocnova a Kalicha, this statue weighs about 17 tons...

Nusle Bridge

The Nusle Bridge is indeed one of Prague’s many modern icons of architecture. Celebrating its fortieth anniversary in 2013, this newcomer is perhaps not one of the ancient historical sights yet.

Czech Cubism

An expression of art, the Cubo-Expressionism was an art development that had taken over the population of Prague like fire.

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