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Culture and traditions

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Culture and traditions

Antonin Dvorak

Antonin Dvorak is one of the most celebrated composers of Eastern Europe. His contribution in European movies and music is legendary. He was one of the pioneers of Czech classic music. He was influenced by rural Slavic and Moravian traditional dance numbe

Helena Vondrackova

Helena Vondrackova has become a renowned name in the long-celebrated history of Czech music and Czech singers. She is one of the most famous personalities of her country, and also a very talented artist.

Films Shot in Prague

There are many wonderful attractions in Prague that thousands of tourists come to visit every day. The natural scenery of Prague and the ancient architecture is such that it attracts the attention of many producers who have used the sceneries of Prague as

Prague Cosmas - The First Czech Chronicler

The history of Prague includes a well-known, loved Czech chronicler called Cosmas of Prague. The Prague tour all inclusive will give you an insight about this man, the very first teller of tales. He was responsible for a masterpiece (also known as a magnu

Franc Kafka

Among the many famous personalities that Czech Republic has gifted us, Franc Kafka-- a German-based writer is particularly worth mentioning because of the way he helped shape literature with his writings.

Funny Goat: Legends of Old Prague

Goat Story - The Old Prague Legends (Czech: Kozí příběh - pověsti staré Prahy) is a 2008 Czech film. It was created as an adult animated feature film. The film was directed by Jan Tománek and produced by the Art and Animation studio. It was the fir

Movie Awards “Czech Lion”

The Cesky Lev or Czech Lion happens to be the highest honour of the Czech film industry. This annual award extravaganza, like any large film industry, hosts a befitting award ceremony for the brilliant film and television personalities of the country. The

Czech Goulash (Recipe)

The Czech cuisine mainly consists of a lot of meat dishes, they are traditionally made with meat from animals like duck, rabbit and lamb. Czech traditions also include dishes like fish, dumplings, rice, vegetables, soups, salads, beer delicacies and desse

The Good Soldier Schweik

Czech literature is mainly written in three languages which are the Czech language, Latin and German. The Czech books are written by the Czechs, and are only considered a part of their Czech culture if they are written in one of the three languages. Popul

Tomas Bata

Even the not so fashion conscious are aware of the fact that Bata shoes are the best of its kind and the most cost effective, as it has something for everyone. This billion dollar multinational shoe store began as a fresh new startup by the Czech business

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